Neath Films are a self sufficient boutique production and post-production company based in Brixton.

Our services are split into 2 parts: production and post-production. We have produced and post-produced content for a wide variety of clients in a diverse range of sectors, from broadcast TV, viral videos, corporate and commercial films as well as music videos and PR and communications. Clients include: British SIgn Language Broadcasting Trust, Tesco, Lufthansa, Transport for London and Nissan.

Client: Rayner Glasses

Project: Online Branding Videos. No 4 of 4: Rock n Roll

Director: Neil Mackenzie Matthews

Producer/ Editor: Maverick Litchfield-Kelly

Colourist: Monica Rubio

VFX: Rojer Taylor White


Led by Monica Rubio, we use our in-house digital post-production facilities to not only bring costs down on our own work, but also provide high end broadcast post solutions to a range of other production companies. An experienced filmmaker across the board, Monica managed complex post-production issues from shooting on a range of digital cameras, editing on a number of systems (FCP/AVID/Premiere etc) and then grading and coluring using our own DaVinci system.

Services include:

Off-Line Editing (2 suites) | On-Line Editing (2 Suites) | Colouring (DaVinci) | Conforming | Titles | Graphics | VFX | Sound Design | Mastering | DCP | Delivery

2013 Colour Reel by Monica Rubio.

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